In order to have fast growth, a lot of resin and potency, you need to be careful with the water, vegetative must be wetted in 3 or 4 days depending on the area, I already had 12 days without watering the plants because I didn’t need to.

Let the top soil dry before watering again. Take care that it does not dry out and die.

In the vegetative I do not let the water run under the pot, when I see that a drop comes out I stop watering.

It is always good to let the plant ask for water, this stimulates the roots to seek water at the bottom of the pot, with that, the plant grows more vigorously.

After it has grown and bloomed it needs a lot of water, I usually soak it every morning in the morning, and let the water run under the pot, something like a glass of water that ran under the pot, then I stop. This will take the salts out of the earth, I do this once every 3 days, in the others sauce normally.

Cannabis uses water to produce resin, the resin is produced at night, because of the high water level, but it is better to water in the morning so that during the night there is not so much water on the ground, too much water will create mold and water problems in your flowers.

Remember, if you use organic compost and bio fertilizers, with PH 7.0 water you don’t have to worry about PH, it will be stable.

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