Transplanting is really hard work, I can’t explain how careful you should be, don’t let your roots run out of space to grow at any time during cultivation, it will stop growing and you will have hermaphrodites. When I transplant, I am sure the roots are very large, so that the earth does not separate, does not break. But the roots were not without space.

Whenever you transplant, do it fast.

As I mentioned in part 1, I transplant 3 times, from cups to 5-liter pots, then 10 and finally 20 liters, if I want a giant plant, I still put it in 30 or 40 liters. When transplanting is very important. Because as I mentioned, the plant takes root before and after it grows, takes root and grows, etc ….. you must transplant when it is growing.

It is better to replant early than late, but if you transplant early, you risk the soil loosening.

I prefer to wet the soil with a spoon to dig, then I put the cup inside to make sure the hole is the right size, then I remove the cup and put it there. I leave here one more tip of when to replant, leave 1 or 2 centimeters above the earth level of the new pot, so that the air reaches the roots faster, I know more people who do this. After replanting, wet the soil well.

In the first stage I use only organic compost, to replant for the first 5 liters pot I prepare a new soil with 40% perlite and 60% soil, in this pot you want more soil than perlite, so that the soil absorbs the nutrients, then when I move to 10 and 20 liter pots I make 50/50 perlite and soil, and here I put the blood meal, bone meal and guano can also be used.

I use 1 teaspoon full of bone meal and 1 teaspoon of blood meal for the 5 liter pot, for 20 liter pots I usually use 2/3 of a cup of bone meal and blood meal already mixed in the land.

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